Nidec Mini Vibration Motor

NIDEC CORPORATION was founded on 1973,it is the largest manufacture for motor related products of the world.
Nidec has worked its way up to become the world's No.1 manufacturer of small precision motors. In the process, Nidec has gradually expanded its product lineup to include a variety of small to large motors, application products for machinery, and electronic and optical components.
At present, its products are used in a wide range of fields and devices including information and telecommunications equipment, office equipment, home appliances, automobiles, industrial equipment, and environmental energy.
"For Everything that Spins and Moves", the Group is creating next-generation drive technologies to meet the needs of the society.
Nidec Mini Vibration Motor products list:
SMD Cylinder Type
Part Number Length Width Height降序排列 Voltage range Current G-Force
BAL-3857 11.7mm 4.0mm 3.0mm 2.3V ~ 3.5V DC 85mA ★★
BAL-3852 10.4mm 4.4mm 3.4mm 2.3V ~ 3.2V DC 80mA ★★
GS-2701F 11.0mm 4.4mm 3.4mm 2.3V ~ 3.2V DC 75mA ★★
BRE-3728 11.0mm 4.4mm 3.4mm 2.3V ~ 3.2V DC 80mA ★★
BAL-3610 11.0mm 4.4mm 3.4mm 2.3V ~ 3.2V DC 80mA ★★
BMA-0053 11.2mm 4.4mm 3.4mm 2.3V ~ 3.0V DC 30mA
BAL-3616 11.2mm 4.6mm 4.8mm 2.6V ~ 3.4V DC 100mA ★★★
BAL-3799 13.1mm 4.5mm 4.9mm 1.1V ~ 1.5V DC 110mA ★★★
Brushless Coin Type
Part Number Diameter降序排列 Height Voltage range Current G-Force
LDE-08VM01 8.00mm 2.50mm 2.9 ~ 3.3V DC 80.00mA ★★★



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